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Need to determine which car you can afford? How to save for a goal? Explore these calculators to help plan for your future.

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Crack the code of car loans (time for a new car?), work benefits (401ks) and retirement plans (Basics US Income Tax Rate) with these short, informative videos and podcasts. Understanding tough-sounding concepts like tax rates and Roth IRAs can be quick, easy, and even fun.

Featured Videos and Podcasts

Podcast: Time for a New Car?

Learn which factors to consider—like down payments, registration, and maintenance—before you start shopping for a of a new car. Listen to podcast

Khan Academy: 401(k)s

Learn a thing or two about 401(k)s from Sal Khan. It's a common retirement savings option. This short video explains how you can grow your money safely and securely. Watch video

Khan Academy: Basics US Income Tax Rate

Get a better understanding of how the U.S. federal income tax rate schedule works. Learn the basics of tax brackets and payment schedules with this quick video. Watch video